Shepherd's Little Lambs, Inc



Shepherd’s Little Lambs is a faith-based nonprofit organization in South Florida.

Our mission is to provide daily needs for children, individual, and families

through community outreach.

Our support extends to providing essentials for daily living, education,

and inspiration to the people in the community. 

The programs we have, list the services we offer. 

Our Christian values we grew up with, helps us to stay grounded in the works we have to do, bringing glory to the One who created us.  In each work or mission, we embark on, there is that quiet driving force who inspires the work. In faith, we move forward with each step taking in to account  the people we meet along the way.  Whether it is a homeless shelter we visit providing care packages, dropping off food items at a food distribution center, or meeting a person in dire need of healthcare assistance, we make sure to bring a smile to faces we serve.

As you review our website and see the different activities and programs we have,

keep in mind that with your contribution makes it all possible. 

Our gratitude exists in the recipients who partake in the fruits we provide to them. 

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Shepherd's Little Lambs, Inc. is a non-profit corporation recognized as a tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)(3). Your donation is tax-deductible.


     Our non-profit charitable organization was created out of a mission we felt would help our community.  That feeling came from times in our personal lives where we were in a position of dire need  and by the Lord's grace we received provisions provided for us in some way or form.  Being in dire need is not always what we expect.  Oftentimes, arises from an unexpected event or a becoming a victim from a vulnerable situation. 

I remember even back in my youth when, as a child growing up, my mom would work so hard to provide for us.  We grew up working class, wearing clothes from the sales racks, and sometimes from the thrift store.  I didn't know then that we  didn't have much.  I just  knew that I had new clothes.  As I grew up and had friends , I realized everyone came from a different walk of life and it did not diminish us, it just made us stronger. 

    I feel that every time we help someone or family who is in dire need of shelter, clothing, food, basic care needs, work

opportunity, or educational guide, we are making them stronger to live a better life.  A life that the good Lord intended.  We deserve the best life has to offer;  happiness, joy and provision for our lives. 

     At every stage of life we may come to a place  where a problem or situation causes us to be in dire need.  

We want to do something wonderful in the lives of children, family, and individuals who are struggling and having a tough time.  There is never a time such as this to reach out and do good.  Our Christian values keep us grounded in order to do the work required for our mission. 

     Our Lord is our driving force and inspires us to this mission.  Your online giving here would go to fund our outreach programs, Mission Agenda. Thank you for supporting our work as we move forward  to help the people in our community! 

Thank You


We accept donations 24/7. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Feel free to contact us with  your questions and comments.  


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