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Nature is waking up to the warmth and light around it! 












The needs of the people in our community are ever present and so

we try to be mindful of them as we go about our day.

Let us continue the new year with love.  Loving our neighbors who are in dire need.

Whether it is a helping hand, a greeting card, a special phone call to check up on them, 

a small little gift to show you care or share a warm message of encouragement or gratitude goes

a long long way. Practice your giving muscles.  Use your post on social media positively.   


Covid-19 Community Outreach

For most of this year, our communities have been tremendously

affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and climate weather disaster.

Every effort we make go to assist individual, families, and children,

because the dire need is ever-present.

What can we do this month to help those who are in need?

What action can we take that would make a difference?

How can we help to make a difference?


Well, at Shepherd's Little Lambs 

Our efforts to assist the people

in dire need were affected, as well. As we move out of our own

limitations and setbacks, we are slowly resuming our activities. 

We are putting love into action in

doing our work and we need YOUR help to accomplish it.

We are helping our organizations in our community who are in dire need of provision replenishing.

Our Shelter Program helps to replenish the supplies of food, clothing, or care packages for the shelters in our community.  These shelters house the homeless, giving them a place to sleep, a place to eat a free meal, and a place to take a shower.  So oftentimes they run out of provisions.  Our churches need them too.  With your help, we can fill that empty space. 

We are making care packages to provide for the people who live in shelters, people who eat at soup kitchens and visit food banks. Our goal is to make 300  Covid Care Packages for our Shelter Program

Broward Partnership Organization is one of our recipients.  Your contribution is important.  How can you help?

 It costs $7 to make care packages. 

Contents of the package:  

washcloth, travel dental kit (toothbrush & toothpaste), Masks, mouthwash,

shower gel, body lotion, deodorant, hand sanitizer, and a little devotional book.

Here is a picture:




YOU can donate care packages themselves, the contents (any one or more items),

or monetarily to purchase the items to make them.  Also, we need small

inspirational devotional books to give as well. Everyone needs a little daily inspirational

motivation to help them get through any situation, bring hope, and help keep their faith strong.

Whatever you do, we thank you and appreciate YOU, already!

You may donate in these increments: 

$5, $10, $20 and up!

You can make an online gift by scrolling down this page and

Click on the DONATE TODAY green button.


(make check or  money order payable to Shepherd’s Little Lambs, Inc

& mail to:

Shepherd's Little Lambs, Inc

8001 NW 3rd Place, Margate, FL 33063

You can email us with your questions:



complete the Contact Us at bottom of the home page and submit to us!


Thank you,

Shepherd's Little Lambs, Inc.

Shepherd's Little Lambs, Inc. is a non-profit corporation recognized as a tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)(3).

Your donation is tax-deductible.

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