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Helpful Resources

As the Lord Shepherd's us, we are blessed with resources that are an aid during our journey through life.



Of late bullying has become an issue that we have to be concerned about. Many are victimized by this awful behavior. First place we can help is by visiting this website and putting to practice the tips and solutions it provides. Let us put an end to this awful behavior. 



Let's talk about it!  Mental health is an important of who we are and the more we take care of our mental state, the better our mental health will be.  This website defines different mental health patterns and also provides solution in identifying them. Then, putting to practice of what needs to be. 


Faith  Usccb.org

There is nothing as soothing and uplifting as looking up your favorite scripture.  Reading the Gospels about Christ Our Savior and just beginning to believe that HE makes all things new again. Realize how much our soul needs that tender loving care of Our Lord. 


Music  Pandora.com

Here you can just listen to your favorite music and create your own station of those songs.  Sing a long with your fave music artists.  Let the music bring you joy and laughter. You can also share your fave songs on social media for others to listen. 

Food Pantry

Provides food source to the needs of the people in the community.  The link

provides locations available in your state.


or https://www.foodpantries.org/


Housing Assistance

Provides housing assistance to the needs of the people in the community.  There are times when shelter is not enough, especially with small children in tow.  The link below provides information on getting qualified.

www.usa.gov/finding-home  and/or www.hacfl.com


Veteran Affairs

The veterans in our community have needs for a good quality of life.  Link below provides information on different services for U.S. Veterans. 



Health and Wellness

Your health is very important. It is a good practice for one to do their yearly Physical, Dental checkup, and Vision checkup.  Exercise is the utmost of importance towards being well and having good health.  None other than America's favorite doctor.



Medical Coverage

It is always important to make sure you know what medical coverage is good for you and what your plan benefits are included.

www.healthcare.gov, and www.medicaid.com 



Turning 65 can be it own work, so to speak.  However, learning about it is something that one needs to know how this type of coverage works. Check out the link.

www.medicare.gov,  https://www.medicaremadeclear.com/  and 




Having fun soothes the body and the soul. Taking care of the soul and getting a little inspiration never hurts our overall well being.  Spending time with loved ones, friends, and those we meet around the community is wonderful.  

https://www.disney.com and https://www.arshcenter.org