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January 2020 Poverty USA Awareness Campaign.....

Today we delivered our Care Packages to Broward Partnership c/o Salvation Army

Homeless facility in Pompano Beach, FL. It was great to learn that we were able to provide them with these for those who were in dire need.  There we found out that they house 300 people.  Of the 300 people who reside there, some they provide just an area to shower or bathe, breakfast, and lunch for the day only.  Therefore, we learned that we didn't make a enough care packages to distribute. We were not discouraged, it was just an opportunity to make more for them.  We have created a new program called Shelter Program.  This will be on our Mission Agenda page. Our mission moves forward helping the people in our community who are in dire need.  Let us continue to help reduce poverty in the USA. 

Broward Parternship,  

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